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Critical Mass Life Empowerment Course 2018

Critical Mass Life Empowerment Course 2018 Sign-up


Welcome to Next Level Living

Critical Mass Life Empowerment Course 2018 Sign-up


Critical Mass 2017 Sign Up


I would like to do both, introduce you to an immense opportunity as well as welcome you into my inner circle, so to speak. The Critical Mass 2018 (formerly Elevation & Empowerment) life enhancement course is an intensive group course that will force you to come face to face with the issues that are holding you back from living at the level of your design. While the course takes place in a group environment, it is not a cookie cutter program. Each person’s design is unique and each person will receive unique guidance as the group appropriates what is learned individually and collectively.

When we encounter various traumatic experiences in life, they will have an immense impact on cognitive consistency through the development of cognitive distortions that rival what was previously the reality in which we resided. It is the natural proclivity of the human mind to create cognitive consistency, or consistency in thought processes, behavior, and beliefs; this is how we maintain our sanity — consistency in thought and behavior. However, traumatic experiences and exposure to paradigms that are diametrically opposed to the current reality can redirect human thought and subsequently redirect the path we take by negatively impacting our belief systems.

It is important to engage all areas of inconsistency in thought and behavior to elucidate expectation and goals, thereby illuminating a clear path to reach our personal goals, visions, and dreams. My programs and courses are designed to do this in the most efficacious manner possible.

Actually, despite all the advancements in video engagement, most of my clients still prefer their sessions by phone, and it is hard to argue with it when there is a 100 percent success rate in that area.

The first thing we will do is determine what results you are looking for. Understanding the outcome that you are expecting is important for both, you and I. It impossible to reach your destination until you are 100 percent clear on where it is you are going.

Once we determine the outcome that you are seeking, I will work with you to make an honest assessment of where you are currently, which is also important in setting and reaching your goal. I will use the DISC assessment method, which will measure your strengths and proclivities in four distinct areas which include Decisiveness, Interactive Engagement, Stability, and Cautiousness — producing a highly detailed assessment of your current strengths and proclivities — giving us a lucid perspicacity of where we will be initiating our journey towards your new goals.

During the encounter, we will cover:

  • Your Expectations — What outcome you are looking for out of the encounter…
  • Achieving Supreme State — We exist in a number of different states that reflect our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical state. When you are in complete harmony or equilibrium, I called this a supreme state —- this is where you want to spend most of your time.
  • Mastering Fear
  • Overcoming Procrastination
  • Reprogramming Your Mind for Success
  • Defining Success
  • Setting Goals
  • Eliminating Limiting Beliefs
  • and more…

You will be challenged during these encounters, which will average about two per week over the first 24 weeks. After this 24-week period, we will both sit down and evaluate the progress that has been made and determine what the next step will be. The entire course last for an entire year. This is also unique in the fact that it can be sculpted to help business owners achieve massive success in their businesses using the same principals used to enhance personal performance.

Although these are not counseling sessions in the traditional sense, the same confidentiality and rules of engagement apply.

I have set the cost of this program at a point that ensures premium value. The complete eight-week course is a total of $25,500.00 for the 52-week course.

You can sign up today in several different ways. You can pay the entire amount of $25,500.00 and be ready to get started immediately. This will allow the entire program to be designed after the initial consultation. You can pay $5,500.00 now and schedule your first session, being able to pay the balance by the second quadrant. Thirdly, you can pay $2,550.00 to have your DISC assessment done, and based on the results, schedule a future time to start. Finally, you can pay a deposit of $1,050.00 to hold your spot for up to 90 days. Spots are limited simply because I am doing all of the sessions myself and there is only so much time available (I will only be doing one class every 90 days, with a maximum of 30 participants per class). You can pay by using your PayPal account or by using a credit or debit card.

You will be able to use a number of direct engagement methods, such as Google Hangout (preferred), Skype, ooVoo, FaceTime, telephone, to manage your course. I also offer personal face-to-face sessions, with the client covering any travel and accommodation costs.

I also offer couples counseling, psychotherapeutic counseling, cognitive therapy and a number of other types of sessions. These sessions start at $350.00 per session. Simply email me at lifechange@rickwallacephd.link to schedule your sessions.

After reading the confidentiality statement, you can use the sign-up box to make your initial payment. Once you make the payment, you will be taken to a page where you can complete the enrollment process.

I look forward to working with you directly as you prepare to take your life to the next level. ~ Rick Wallace, Ph.D., Psy.D.


Confidentiality Statement

As a client, all information you share about yourself will be kept confidential. Only with your written permission will information be released to anyone outside of the EAE 2014 except as required by law. Legal exceptions include the following:

  • Clear and imminent danger to you or someone else
  • If there is a reasonable expectation that you will engage in dangerous conduct as defined by Texas state statute
  • Reasonable suspicion that a child or elder is currently being abused
  • A court order

While your counselor/coach/therapist (Rick Wallace Ph.D., Psy.D., unless otherwise specified) may consult with a colleague on certain matters, all staff members are ethically and legally bound to treat that information confidentially.

Option 1 — Allows you to pay for the course in full and book the dates for each session.

Option 2 — Allows you to make a partial payment and start the program with the balance being paid at the start of the second quadrant.

Option 3 — Allows you to pay a deposit that holds your spot up to 90 days. (At least $5,500 must be paid before starting the program.)

*Everyone who enrolls in the Critical Mass program will qualify for admission to the annual Critical Mass event (a three-day 30-hour empowering experience that will literally change your life)

We are still determining whether the event will be held in Houston, Miami or Las Vegas. The students from the next two classes will actually decide. 


Pricing Options


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  17. My name is Charmane and I am a new student in the Elevation and Empowerment 2017 course. In only a few weeks, Dr. Wallace has taken me on a journey of enlightenment, empowerment and rapidly approaching success. He does not tolerate complacency or excuses. If it’s time for you to finally win in your life then it’s a must that you take this course, the cost is $5,500 but the result is priceless.

  18. My 11 year old had one on one sessions. His personal growth and confidence soared. Of course, mom had to let go and let him fly. It has been a process but Dr. Rick has walked me through it. My son still talks about the advice he received. He also still writes down his affirmations.

    I plan to gift my 9 year old one on one sessions for his 10th birthday. He’s a CEO in training.

    Well worth the investment!

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