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It’s Not about Your Position but Your Purpose

Too many believers have no sense of identity, which means that their passions are driven by their emotions instead of their purpose. When you are truly become acquainted with your identity, you will understand that you can be victorious even when you have been knocked on your back. It’s not about your position but your purpose. Stay tune for more encouraging and empowering audio-casts, videos, articles and books.

About Rick Wallace

Dr. Rick Wallace is the Founder, CEO & Chief Life Mastery Strategist at The Visionetics Institute. He created the Visionetics concept for optimal personal development based on nearly three decades of academic study, research and experience in the areas of behavioral psychology, neuroscience, personal development, metaphysics, quantum physics, neuro-linguistic programming, psycho-cybernetics and spirituality. Dr. Wallace is one of the leading minds in the area of personal change --- achieving an exceptional rate of success with his clients.
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